How to Install Arabic,Japanese, and Chinese Font on Your PC

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm currently using Windows XP. When I try to read hadist, the text become un-readable. Just show some symbols. The hadist contain many Arabic font, that un-readable in my screen.

Now take a look for install Arabic (even Japanese, Hebrew, or more..) font in Windows XP.

1.You must have cd installer that appropriate with Your current operating system. For example, I use Windows XP SP3. So, I prepare my Windows XP SP3 CD installer.

2.Insert the CD installer in the CD/DVD-ROM.
3.Click Start --> Run.. --> (type) intl.cpl
4.Then, you will get window, called "Regional and Language Options".

5.Then press Tab "Language".
6.Then, give marks/give thicks in front of both "Install files for complete script right-to-lest language (including Thai)" and "Install files for East Asian language". Maybe You need space more than 230MB for this installation.

7.Then, click Apply. Windows XP will install font that necessary with our interest. Wait until end.
8.Restart Your PC.
9.Then, try Your browser for this site:

- (Japanese)
- (Hebrew)
- (Arabic)
- (Korea)
- (Vietnamese)
- (Thailand)
- etc..

10.Done! :)


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